We Have an Update On Cheatin’ Ass LSU and John Paul Funes. Will the NCAA Care?

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So what I alluded to HERE, has finally become clear.  An LSU “booster” or whatever you want to call these shady individuals was funneling money from poor and sick people to help the Tigers finally come back to prominence.  It evidently didn’t work, because Vidal Alexander the recipient of a fresh 180K is no longer with the team, and the Tigers are still without prominence but the fact remains…an LSU fan/booster paid 180K of hospital charity money for an offensive lineman.

Does it sound like I’m being tough and spiteful and maybe hyperbolic with the pathos?

I’m not.

Daily Report previously reported the mother and sister of former Tigers quarterback Rohan Davey also received money from Funes—some $107,000 that Funes had said was intended to help cover medical costs for a Children’s Hospital patient.

It’s been proven before, and it’s been proven again.  LSU athletes were taking money away from sick CHILDREN, in exchange for their athletic services.

People in and around the sport will tell you and everyone else that this happens everywhere more or less and that it’s just a fact of the collegiate model.  Sure, that may be true I don’t specifically find that unequivocally false but in recent memory there hasn’t been a clear cut example of a specific booster, player, and monetary amount been released in a way of such certainty.

So the real question isn’t “Does everyone really do this”, but “What will the NCAA do”.   LSU is bound to have the defense of obliviousness and say Funes was not related to the University or Football department in any way.  However, with the turmoil the Tiger’s basketball team and Coach Will Wade have found themselves in the NCAA would not be doing their due diligence if they did not perform a deep dive to confirm such a statement.  Everyone with a brain knows that a guy like Funes in a position of notoriety wouldn’t dish out that big of a check with no direction, but the provability of making the connection between a scumbag like Funes and say, Les Miles or anyone in that matter from the LSU athletic department will undoubtedly be tough.  Common sense dictates that if a person is going to illegally “donate” to the player personnel from their favorite football team, they likely don’t start off with 180K of stolen money.  Pablo Escobar did not start by selling thousands of pounds of drugs, he worked his way up.  You start small time and as you feel more comfortable, you work your way up to bigger and better things, no matter what the field.  As time goes on the NCAA gets more and more lenient on crimes related to money and athletics.  The way the public perception has rushed toward affection of paying NCAA players, the punishment if any here will be interesting.  If this story had broke in 2015 when the no-longer-alleged crime took place, LSU might be facing numerous scholarship revocations and multiple bowl bans.  Now? I honestly don’t suspect much will happen.  It’s a new regime in Baton Rouge and this will be passed off as both a rogue booster and the issues of the previous guy in charge.  I think the Tigers are safe.

I have a hard time believing that A) John Paul Funes made a one time payment of 180K dollars to the 11th best High school Offensive Guard and only the 11th best High School guard of 2012 and B) That these payments “stopped” in 2015.

All of this further amplifyies my belief that there has never been a better time to cheat in college football.  Some invest in the futures market, some prefer ETF’s and others like just plain ole’ stocks.  John Paul Funes and the unknowing Our Lady of the Lake Hospital seem to prefer High School football players projected to the interior line.

I will point out though that the LSU boosters need to work on their selection of investments.  180K to the 234th best high school player in the nation seems like a shitty investment.

Maybe bump it up to 500K and get a Quarterback worth a damn.