Sturgill Simpson Made an Anime Movie?

Sturgill’s a quirky dude for sure, so I guess this shouldn’t come as a real “surprise”…but still.  It’s an odd combination between one of the beacons of the newly revived Outlaw Country Genre and a film genre with Asian origins usually reserved for nerds.  If you’ve ever heard any of his interview on Joe Rogan, you know he’s A-an extremely smart dude and B-Not really “country”, or at least what the genre usually entails.  Hell, his biggest song is about philosophical theory and drugs.

While this will at the very least something to pique my interest, the good news is that an album will come with it.  Will it be the croony, bluesy, deep vocaled music of his first couple of albums or be a different approach like the rock n’ roll driven most recent album?  Who’s to say, but I’ll be listening.