FACT: Antonio Brown Will Have a Top-10 All-Time Season for a Wide Receiver.

I’ll attribute it to the law of good things falling into the lap of shitty people.  Especially in terms of the NFL.  It just seems destined after all of the bullshit that Mike Mayock, John Gruden and the rest of the Raiders have gone through.  If Antonio Brown falters in his 10th season as an NFL wide receiver, it would seem to obvious.  The thought trend would seem to be, well, the guy sat out weeks because of a decade old helmet, tried to fight his boss AFTER calling him a cracker…and then posted a vague instagram video of a privately recorded conversation with his other boss…this is a shit show.  And on the surface it absolutely seems to be a shit show of Titanic level proportions.

What that mindset doesn’t control for is the fact that the NFL in it’s existence, is an absolute shit show.

GREAT things happen to very bad people in the NFL, hell, Tyreek Hill just signed a groundbreaking contract for a person playing his position.  Did he deserve it? Depends on how you look at it.  A young phenom, toward the top of his position getting paid?? A whole-hearted ABSOLUTELY.  Especially in the notoriously skimpy National Football League.  That being said, this is the same guy who threw his significant other down some stairs, and (as evidence and common sense points) broke the arm of the son of that significant other.  Overall quality report on Tyreek? NOT GREAT, but he got rewarded.  He scores points, puts asses in seats, and is an absolute MUST watch when he’s on the field.  That’s how the NFL works.

Randy Moss, Terrell Owens, Chad Johnson.  Players of the same ilk as Brown.  Immensely talented with a tad bit of shit head mixed in.  Sometimes they let the shit head control them; illustrated by interviews in the middle of driveway workouts…

Yet…other times they set records for touchdowns at the position and led a team to an undefeated regular (and AFC playoffs) season.  I should also add, that season succeeeding the T.O sit-up fiasco…he led the league in touchdowns.

My point is not to bring up all of the negative things that prima donna  Wide Receivers have done in the past.    It’s well documented.  My point is, it doesn’t affect shit.  Randy Moss? Ya, he was a dickhead in Oakland.  Absolutely.  What did he do when he got traded to New England.  

What did Terrell Owens do Both at the Eagles and subsequently at the Cowboys?

What did Chad Ocho Cinco do his whole career?

All absolute dickheads of athletes…


All REALLY fuckin’ good at what they do.  And Antonio Brown is just as good as any of them if not better.  And he’s feeling a little bit of pressure for the first time in his career.  I think it will be good for him.  Grease up the wheels a little bit if you will.

Off the top of my head, I can’t recite to you the Top-10 season of Wide Receivers of all time.  Hand up, I cant.  I assume names like Rice, Rice, Rice, Moss, Owens, maybe a Harrison or Largent litter the field.  But I’ll tell you this much, that list is fix’na change…because “Antonio Brown 2019” is about to be written in stone as one of the best seasons ever for a Wide Receiver.  WITH DAVID CARR AS HIS QB.

He really just might be the GOAT, but I’ll let it play out before any proclamations too presumptuous are made.

Image result for antonio brown goat ring

Sometimes professional sports have the tendency of rewarding not-so-good of humans because they’re extremely good at certain things.

And honestly, I don’t have a problem with it.  I watch sports because it’s an escape from the bullshit everyone hears in a regular day of life.  So, Antonio.  If you can be a dickhead and get away with it, go ahead and do so.  You have the talent, and have quite frankly earned that right.  But.  If you’re going to be a dickhead and are a detriment to the Raiders because you can’t perform under the bright lights and pressure, I don’t want to hear the bullshit.

You’ve put the onus on you.  Show us you’re good enough of a player to weather the storms you’ve caused.

You’re also a good enough receiver to put up a top-10 season of All-time.  It’s written in the stars.  S/O Derrick Carr for the money you are about to make him.