Week 7 Locks (12-6): Abroad Edition

I’m traveling at the moment without a computer so these won’t have the depth or acute hilarity of the usual weekly blog. But they’ll still be winners.

Alabama -17 vs. TAMU:

This is a strange line to me. It’s about 7-10 points too low for me, call it Aggie Bravado being recognized by Vegas…call it an overrated home field advantage. Whatever it is, TAMU has not looked anywhere close to a team capable of keeping up with Bama.

Ole Miss +12.5 vs. Mizzou

Another strange line. I don’t think Ole Miss is any good, but I don’t think Missouri is either. Especially after getting their QB banged up and their heart and soul of their defense knocked out for the season, in their most recent game. This line opened at 8.5, I first saw it at 10.5 and I’m pissed it’s gone up another two points. Ole Miss may win this game with how Rich Rod has the O humming.

Throw some on the Ole Miss moneyline while your at the book.

Ole Miss vs. Mizzou OVER 57.

Ole Miss’ defense isn’t any good. Missouri’s is ok…but they just lost their best and most important player for the season. I like it.


Wow. This never happens, but I just checked the book again and saw TWO more bets I would consider locks

Wisconsin -10 vs. Michigan St.

Depending on your book you may have to buy a half point or so, but pair with some -2000 easy win in a parlay (Mich. vs. Illinois) for me to get it back to around even money. I think Wisconsin wins big, but the hook in the UT game cost me a LARGE win in a parlay last week, and made it just a decent win because of a push. Michigan States defense is pretty damn good, but at HOME in Madison I have a hard time seeing Wisconsin not winning easily.

Maryland -3.5 vs. Purdue

Maryland may be the most hot and cold team of the year, but one thing rings true. They’re “hot” games come against shitty teams. Enter Purdue….yikes. A team I thought was going to dance with decency has largely disappointed. Maryland got some of their Mojo back last week. Yes, it may have been Rutgers…but sometimes seeing success is all you need to get right. Remember, they beat the shit out of Howard and then ran a train on Syracuse the next week. Unfortunately for Purdue, the boilermaker is comin’ but it ain’t them this week. Purdue gets mauled.

NOW, There you go.