Gunshot’s Fired and a Player is Stretchered of the Field. High School Football Coincidence In Phoenix.


Story Here:

An absolutely wild sequence of events in the city of the sun Phoenix, Arizona.  At Betty Fairfax High School’s stadium gun shots erupted in the vicinity of an active football game.

As would be expected, everyone lost their shit and started ducking, hiding and evacuating.  Even the teenagers playing in the game.

@DannyShapiro on twitter documented this.

The reporting paper had this photo as the featured photo for the story.

I can’t imagine how absolutely crazy of a feeling this would be.  Sports are supposed to be the safe spaces and for this to occur is unimaginable.

LUCKILY the gunfire was NOT at the stadium, but apparently a surrounding area.  I repeat everyone WAS FINE inside the stadium.  The game was stopped about two minutes before halftime, but despite that no other effects of the gunfire was noticed.


In an absolutely crazy coincidence that I can’t imagine laying on those that thought their lives were at risk; when they looked on the field after the “all-clear”…a player was on a stretcher being taken to an ambulance.

You see, during what was thought to be an active shooter scenario.

This happened.

A school official said [a] player suffered a neck injury on a play that was happening when the shots were fired and was not related to the shots fired.

I absolutely 100% hope for the 100% recovery and well-being of this player, but god damn that is a wild coincidence that’s scary as shit for the people in the stands.

Mothers, Fathers, Family and friends.  Imagine ducking for your life after hearing gunshots during a football game, and then after hiding for a while coming up and looking at the scene to see an ambulance pull up and stretcher a person you probably know off the field.

After running to the stadium bathroom stall for cover, you come out to a kid on a stretcher???

It’s gotta be a wild scene.

I hope the injured kid is ok and that his hospital visit is a simple precaution, and I hope that through that everyone can get over this event.

But file this in the wild unfortunate coincidence department.