Week 8 Locks: (15-8) Not Bad, but Lets Get Better.

Hello, Moto’s.  A little late, I apologize.  I’m really just putting these down to get them on record at this point but I feel good about some bets this week.  Take them or leave them…I don’t.  I’ve been positive 6/7 Weeks, and you’d be feeling right if you’d have taken these pics.  Let’s open the floodgates.

LSU (-18.5) vs. Miss. St.

I know this game is in Starkville, which is allegedly “3 points”.  Bull Shit.  LSU is on a mission from Gawd this year, and that mission is to show that they have an offense in 2019 that compensates for the decade.

It really is an unreal sequence of events, and to be honest I would bet a unit on as high of value against LSU you can get.  I don’t see this anywhere close to a 3 score game.  MSU is garbage, and I’ll reluctantly admit that the LSU offense is in fact legit.  The Les Miles makeup tour by Joe Brady continues….LSU wins big.  Take it under 20 to get Juice positive, and hammer it


Auburn -18.5 vs. Arkansas.

If I lose one of these this week, it’ll be this one.  And it will be because Auburn doesn’t show up.  Arkansas is dog shit, and while Auburn’s offense isn’t the Greatest Show on Turf, they can score essentially at will against the likes of Arkansas.  If they are actively training like military men to beat the Crimson Tide of the University of Alabama, I believe this will be a showcase and a scrimmage of their diligence.

If not, you can count them out of the SEC championship picture.

Auburn, however is still firmly in reach of an SEC title however unlikely it looks from our optics.

And for that reason, I see them give Arkansas everything they have.  They know Alabama requires it, and beating up Arkansas is better than doing the same to the scout team.

Wisconsin Vs. Illinois: OVER 50.5

It boils down to this.  It sounds weird to say this, but it Illinois can score 7 points then Wisconsin is good enough to cover.  Hell, there’s a 30% chance in my mind they cover themselves.  Hit it big.